Our Business

Paris Apartment Hunter searches the entire Parisian market through,with its network of real estate professionals (notary, asset manager, merchant or property manager, real estate agency, owners, institutional ... )for the property that best suits you.

We offer a personalized apartment search service, we advise you on the feasibility of your project. We visit and select the ideal property for you. We collect all the important documents necessary for your decision. We advise you in negotiating and remain at your side until the final signature.

Paris Apartment Hunter also provides you with its expertise in renovation, decoration and interior design.

Your benefits

Paris Apartment Hunter offers :
  • a flexible and customized service with a single contact available throughout your project,
  • gain valuable time with a careful selection of properties that fit your criteria, on the entire Parisian market,
  • efficiency in the management of visits with rapid and regular offers that match your criteria,
  • independent and objective advice to help you select the property that will best meet your interests.
  • a complete turnkey service from search to renovation through the design and decoration of your property.

Our method

1 Project study : The first step we establish a search file together, to have a clear understanding of your project, your goals, your needs, your lifestyle and your financing. Second step we  study the feasibility of your project.
2 Signature of search and report contract : Once the specifications established, we will sign the search and reporting contract for a period of 3 months.
3 Search for property : We search the entire market to identify  properties which may be  of  interest to you. We select the properties and visit those that seem appropriate.
4 The visit report : we submit the report by email or phone with detailed photos of the property that most fit your needs. If you retain a property, we arrange a visit and collect your thoughts and comments.
5 Conclusion of the sale : If the property fits your needs, we put you in direct contact with the seller and we assist you in the negotiation and conditions of purchase. When the sale agreement is signed, we can put you in touch with our partners (financial, renovations, rental agency ...).
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