Looking for an apartment

Your needs

  • You have a real estate project.
  • You want to buy a pied à terre, a primary residence or a rental investment.
  • You  do not have the time to search and make multiple visits which can be disappointing.
  • You live outside the city or abroad and you can’t get away.
  • You want to renovate and decorate the property we have secured for you.

Why use a property hunter ?

Now looking for an apartment in Paris is not an easy task, it has become a real challenge for those who live in Paris and even harder for those who live in other counties or abroad.

Our search process is fully dedicated to customer service, we are on your side and defend your best interests exclusively. But our work does not stop at the search, we also walk you through the selection, the acquisition of the property and if needed the renovation and development.

In fact, we offer our expertise to determine whether you have made the best choice, if the property actually meets your expectations, if it is a good deal and if the layout you want is feasible. Using Paris Apartment Hunter means having a personalized and flexible service, saving time, being informed promptly of all bids that match your criteria, choosing a property with a specialist which best fit your interests, enjoying a complete turnkey service from the search to the interior decoration of your property.

Other services


We can discuss your financing needs and put you in touch with our partners to help you get the best deal possible on the market.



From the Renovation of your property to decoration, we support your project to guide and advise you. We can put you in contact with artisans with whom we work and that we have selected for the quality of their work. 'We follow your project and represent you dealing with the multiple aspects of a renovation.

Planning / Decorationn

We can manage your projects, purchase furniture and appliances, from receiving to installation.



If your property is for rent, we can help you with rental agencies that we have selected for the management of your property.


Home staging

If you want to sell your property, the goal of Home Staging is to speed up the sale of the property by staging your home and therefore generate a quicker sale.


A la carte

You wish to be accompanied on a visit, to be advised on a real estate purchase, on a renovation budget or plans, we can offer you these services by the visit, the 1/2 day or in the day, quotes according to your needs.


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