Frequent QuestionsParis Apartment Hunter answers your frequent questions.

Why use an apartment hunter?

Benefiting from a large network and availability, the hunter saves you time, money and stress by only selecting  the properties that match your criteria.

The apartment hunter offers a personalized search service, and will do the tedious selection from the entire market.

No more trips and unsuccessful visits ! You will receive complete reports with photos of the properties we have selected for you in the comfort of your home.

You only need to visit the property retained. You have a single contact, who is handles no more that 3 simultaneous searches, allowing for a complete disponibility to listen, search and fine tune your needs.

You are informed on a daily basis with accurate information on the best deals.

What are the differences with an estate agent?

A real estate agency has a limited number of properties to offer corresponding to a specific geographic location, it does not always have the time to offer you a personalized service as mandated by the seller and is devoted exclusively to the sale.

The apartment hunter takes no mandate to sell which allow them to advise with your best interest in mind.

The apartment hunter  offers you a search and consulting service, protecting your interests exclusively.

On the other hand, the real estate agent provides a "sale" service to potential sellers.

Can I be reimbursed for “report fees” or “search fees” in case of dissatisfaction?

The "report cost" covers our "Service Contracts" covering services performed independently from the search such as: defining the specifications, feasibility study, report photos. The Service Contract can not be breached.

The "search fees" cover the apartment search and are applicable only in of the search is successful.

Do I have to pay a “search fee” even if I bought an apartment which was not shown by Paris Apartment Hunter?

NO, at Paris Apartment Hunter, our search costs are generally non-exclusive: the fees are only applicable if you purchase a property we have found for you and help you acquire.

If you find me an apartment to buy through a real estate agency, will I pay double commission?

When you purchase a property through us you actually pay the agency fee (already included in the sale price of the property) as well as our search fees which in that case, are discounted to about 30% (see our rates).

Why do real estate companies rarely call back potential Buyers?

It is because of the strong discrepancy between the small number of properties for sale and the large number of buyers, especially in Paris.

When an agency obtains a listing agreement from an owner (mandatory to list the property for sale ) they are usually submerged by calls and visit requests, and just tend to pass it on to the seller.

Are you legally authorized to practice this activity? Do you conform to the laws that regulate the real estate industry?

YES, hunting real estate activity, related exclusively to the service providing a search for property, is not subject to law Hoguet. Our independence from real estate agencies allows us to bring more transparency to buyers looking for property.

The Paris Apartment Hunter employees are proficiently trained as Real Estate Hunter by Change Your Home, member of the National Federation of Real Estate hunters.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have others questions.
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